Monday, August 4, 2008

Warhammer Leveling Guide

Warhammer Online Age of ReckoningThe Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Unofficial guide is ready. You can download it from the site linked at the bottom of this article. Get it before everyone else and enjoy Warhammer more!

Guide highlights:
  • Find out how to level up faster than anyone else
  • Get the complete list of public quests and walkthroughs
  • Check the extensive list of available equipment for your character
  • Learn how to get massive amounts of gold
  • Read insider info about all classes and breath taking tips about beating them in battle
For more details, read on.

Leveling strategies
Following the step by step guidelines explained in this Warhammer guide will ensure you the fastest possible way to reach the level cap. You'll always be ahead with levels and never get ganked - you will be leveling up like mad.

Gold making tips
Warhammer Online is still a new game, and many players are keeping the best gold making strategies to themselves. In this guide you will find out the secrets about making massive amounts of gold so you never have to buy it.

Character skills
Learn about each and every ability and spell in this game, and how to turn them to your advantage. You will never again wonder when to use which ability - this guide has it covered from top to bottom.

The list of available gear for your character in this Age of Reckoning guide will blow your mind. There's hundreds of items categorized by level, stats, class and more, and where to get it.

Just like any other game out there, quests can sometimes be difficult and boring. This Warhammer guide will show you a list of quests you absolutely must do and detailed walkthroughs on how to complete them in no time.

RvR strategies
Beating your opponents is what this game is all about. Having the right gear helps a lot, but so does knowing each class and race in detail. Find out insider secrets of each playable class and learn how to beat them each and every time.

This Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning guide is available for download here!

If you haven't ordered your copy of Warhammer Online, you're a fool! Most stores already sold their copies, but it's available on for $49,99.

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