Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Warhammer Online Squig Herder Guide

Not sure how to play your Squig Herder properly? Taking too much time figuring out which squig to use and how to manage it? Not enough gold to buy all the skills and gear?

This Warhammer Online Squig Herder guide will help you skip the leveling process as fast as possible and go straight to the best part - endgame content. Everything you always wanted to know about Squig Herders is just a few clicks away!


  • Level up from 1 to 40 in less than a week
  • Discover Squigs including how to tame them and details on the different breeds
  • Gold collecting strategies, tips and recommendations for making massive amounts of gold
  • Rapidly complete quests one after another with detailed quest walk-throughs
  • List of armor and weapons available to your Squig Herder
  • Detailed list of all skills, feats, builds, masteries and tactics
  • Killer strategies and proven techniques for wining RvR battles and conquering PvE content
You can go download this guide right now, or if you want to read more check this page.

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