Friday, September 5, 2008

Bright Wizard Leveling & Strategy Guide

If you're having trouble leveling or in RvR with your Bright Wizard, rest assured you did not pick the wrong career. Bright Wizards are capable of dealing insane amounts of damage with the proper masteries and skills, but learning it yourself can and will take months and months of playing. It's a complicated class, but also very rewarding once you learn how to play it as it was designed to. That is the reason why this guide was written.

Bright Wizard guide summary:
  • Bright Wizard leveling guide: don't waste time doing quests with useless rewards and concentrate on those which will give you items, as well as more experience.
  • Gold making: Bright Wizard specific gold making strategies will help you overcome one of the greatest obstacles in this game. You will have more than enough gold to powerlevel your crafting professions and buy gear from the auction house.
  • Attack and defense tactics: when fighting with melee classes face to face, you don't necessarily need to die. There are plenty of tricks you can use and change the outcome of the battle, and this chapter will tell you everything there is to know about it.
  • Equipment: how to equip your Bright Wizard with the best possible armor is only a few clicks away. Find out exactly where and how to get items for each level without wasting any time on researching for yourself.
  • RvR tactics & tips: some careers are almost impossible to beat as a Bright Wizard, but there are ways to turn the battle to your favor even when it looks like it's over. Not only will you learn how to defeat every single class over and over again, but also how to work in a group environment and utilize the abilities of other classes as well.
If you're interested, you're welcome to read more about this guide here, or if you heard enough go ahead and download it!

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