Thursday, September 4, 2008

Warhammer Chosen Guide

Having trouble beating ranged classes in RvR? Confused with all the gear choices, or simply having a tough time leveling up? This guide is written for players just like you. By helping you overcome most obstacles new players have when starting out with their Chosen, you can easily skip hours and hours of pointless research and get all your questions answered black on white.

Guide Summary:

  • Chosen Leveling Guide: 1 - 40 leveling strategies and tips will help you get to the endgame content in less than a week. Chosen specific quest walkthroughs and leveling paths will ensure you never waste any time wandering around aimlessly searching for experience.
  • Chosen-specific gold-making strategies: not only will you know which quests to do and what farming locations are the best, but also exact ways on earning massive amounts of gold with professions, auction house, and if you prefer even grinding.
  • Attack-range tricks: how to turn the attack range limitations to your own advantage is one of the most important tricks you will learn in Warhammer Online. It's so simple, yet thousands of players get lost and confused trying to figure it out!
  • Equipment: Why search online for nonexistant lists of gear when you can get it in this guide. The time you will spend on unnecessary research on various database sites can be better spent leveling up or going out with your friends. A complete breakdown of every single weapon and armor for any level of your Chosen is only a few clicks away!
  • RvR strategy and tactics: knowing other career weaknesses and strenghts is only a part of the battle; what you must learn is how to utilize your class skills properly. You will be able to defeat each and every opponent you face in RvR after reading this chapter.
If you're interested in this Chosen guide, you can read more about it here, or simply go ahead and download it!

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