Sunday, September 7, 2008

Marauder Leveling & Strategy Guide

Marauder isn't the easiest class to play in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, so many players requested a guide to help them better understand leveling, equipment choices, gold making, RvR strategies and more. This guide you're reading about now will answer many of these questions.

  • Gold making: making mass amounts of gold is no longer a secret. What many players keep to themselves, you will find out in this chapter which will present you with the best gold making strategies which actually work and don't need hours and hours of endless grinds (unless you want it)
  • Leveling guide: rank up from 1 to 40 within a week with Marauder-specific leveling paths and quest walkthroughs. Find out which quests to avoid, and which ones give awesome items and heaps of experience.
  • Skills & Abilities: how and why to use your abilities for maximum effectiveness is no longer a mystery. Also included a list of tactics and masteries guide.
  • Gear & Weapons: a detailed breakdown of every piece of loot for your Marauder will satisfy everyone. Read how and where to get the items without wasting time researching it yourself.
  • RvR Tricks: winning RvR battles can be a difficult task if you don't know your career in details, as well as other careers. Learn about other classes' strenghts and weaknesses and use them to beat every single of your opponents.
The information found in this guide can not be found anywhere else online, so if you want to read the rest check out this page!

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